Monday, March 1, 2010


Being still
is difficult at times
because it makes you
stop doing
and being busy
with all that surrounds you.
This means you can observe things happening around you & within you.
You can evaluate your priorities.
You can examine yourself.
This often is (if we are honest) not a pleasant sight!
Take some time to look at the
you have chosen to make important in your life;
observe your attitude & thought life.
(you cannot do this if you are not still)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


OK, so the verse I've been pondering lately is, "Be still and know that I am God".
I didn't think so many things would be revealed to me/about me through this.
I'm going to attempt to share some in short sections.

Now I've heard and read this verse before but I couldn't get past my disdain for being still or as I took it, doing nothing. I'm the type of person that goes forward & when I hit the wall (hard), then I'll change direction. Yes, I have had my teeth knock out because of this (once literally-another story) and suffered many bruises. Now let me say, I don't mean that this isn't the way the Lord answers prayers sometimes because He has guided me often this way. Yet sometimes it's not the way God leads/reveals His plan.

But how can I do nothing? Do nothing, that can't be right!!

In learning about verbs, we learn about being verbs (linking/helping verbs). So 'be' is a verb. A verb is an action. (Oh, action-I like that.) So far I'm alright with the word be, but then the next word, still. What do I do with that? Still is one of those words that is an adjective, noun, adverb, conjunction and a verb!

Let me tell you a quick story of my youngest: He has a speech teacher this year that's a bit old-school, in that she requires him to sit & not move during his lesson. This very difficult for him!! Once after speech he said he was SO TIRED! How can you be tired, I asked, you just sat for a 1/2 hour. Yea, it's hard work being still....

Hmmmmm, hard work being still...

So in the command, "Be still", there is action involved. That action is often the hardest; maybe that's why I often avoid it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Friday, January 8, 2010

What is God doing?

I wrote in a previous post I'm reading the Chronological Bible for my devotions this year. Right now I'm reading through the book of Job. Talk about humbling...

How often are we in a similar spot as Job?

Now I'm not talking about all his loses or physical ailments--I'm speaking of not knowing or understanding what God is doing...

In the beginning of the book it says Satan comes before God & GOD says to consider His servant. (Reminder to the fact that even Satan has to have permission-God is in COMPLETE control at all times--greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world-such reassurance!!!) But my point here is that Job doesn't realize that the situation isn't about Job being punished for sin but to show Satan, Job's wife, friends, and us many things...

There are lots of lessons to learn from this story about the character of God, Satan, giving advice to the grieving, being a true friend, how to handle hard times, how not to handle hard times, etc....

My point is we don't know at all times what God is doing, nor, at times, do we understand why. I find the story of Job to be an encouragement--On the grand scheme of things this life is not about me!!!! It's all about my Heavenly Father--we are after all, HIS creation!

I'm also thankful that God allows us in our frail humanness to ask, question, and just say, "God what are you doing?"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am so very blessed to have my Dad! I'm so thankful for all he has taught me about God, life, relationships, work ethics, and so much more. I'm told I'm like my Dad in looks & action. (Some of that is good & some not.) My dad is a quiet man on first meeting & some may be intimidated because of his size. Kids especially at Christmas, think he's Santa. He's really a gentle giant, but remember he is/was (in younger days) a redhead. I don't normally like to stereotype, yet the redhead temper part is true. I know because I have it too. Another thing about my father is deep convictions & emotions; passion, is what I like to call it. Overwhelming passion that cannot always be controlled. He loves his family & family is very important. I thought he was a pretty good daddy but I think his role as Pop-Pop is the favorite.
I love my Dad and appreciate the many hours he worked to provide for the family. He has a wisdom that when heard is to be treasured. So Happy Birthday Dad, I love you! Thanks again for all you do...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, 2010 is here! Not really sure if I have any BIG goals for this year. Yes, there is always room to improve & weight to lose. I have started reading The One Year Chronological Bible for my devotions this year and look forward to going through Scripture a slightly different way.
I hope to deepen my relationship with God by increasing my prayer times & setting aside times of prayer.

As far as being a wife, I hope to fall in love with Terry more each day & know how to express my love to him as an encourager. Hopefully, we can be alone together more ;)
I strive as a mom to help each child grow to be who the Lord's want them to be & learn through them as well.

WOW! I guess I do have some big goals for 2010. Only by the grace of God can I even begin to reach towards these. Hope & pray your 2010 is off to a blessed start.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


On Saturday, December 5, our church had its women's luncheon. It was a wonderful time especially since just I got to go! Now don't get me wrong I so enjoying being wife & mother but sometimes you just gotta have time to be WOMAN. I had about a 20 minute ride alone which I listened to the silence for awhile then put on some Christmas music. Everything was perfect from the fireplace, food & decorations to the snow falling gently outside. The women at my table were great and I embraced the time to just talked 'girl-talk'. Of course the food was fabulous!!!

Now one of the dishes I had had garlic in it. Now I love garlic, but to be honest I didn't think it was that strong...until I arrived home and Terry asked what did you have with garlic.

This got me thinking that even though what I ate wasn't strong with garlic to me (but because Terry hadn't had any)-it was strong to him and very overpowering. Is this what our sin is like to God? We say this-or-that isn't really that bad, besides so-and-so does much worse. But as soon as we enter God's presence He knows we had some even our little bit stinks to Him!

Oh Lord, help me not to stink to you!

One of my favorite songs right now--This really challenges me to keep my life in check--CONSTANTLY!